Unstoppable Women

Unstoppable Women at the Hope Center

Women of all ages, come and join us the 2nd Thursday of the month for the Unstoppable Women's meeting from 7-9 PM. We are restarting back up in the fall. New dates coming soon!

What can you expect?

- Safe place for Women of all ages & all Denominations
- Fellowship
- The Good News in the Word
- Compassion and Acceptance
- Hearing our True Identity in Christ
- Soaking up God's Unconditional Love & Grace
- Reminders of being Forgiven, Accepted, & Righteous
- Prayer Ministry
- Fun & Laughter
- Healing & Freedom
- Amazing Cappuccinos & Teas in Cafe 22
(Opens at 6PM for you and your friends to come hang out)

No Registration Needed. Just show up expecting good things to happen, because they will.

Why? Because we have a Good Heavenly Father.